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Jan and Dean - Surf City (1963)

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Fear on Saturday Night Live 1981. 

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Mike Suicide’s a surf punk. A skinhead. A creep. A survivor. He says he’s a Fascist. Built like a highscholl linebacker, with his head practically shaved, he’s one of the new breed of Los Angeles punks. Tough, athletic kids from outer areas. Orange County, the Valley and beach communities, along the coast. They’ve arrived in Hollywood to announce the end of punk rock. A punk Dämmerung Tuesdays at the Starwood are their favorites nights. A fortresslike club that takes up an entire corner of Santa Monica Boulevard, surrounded by nude shows, male prostitutes, and porn shops down in West Hollywood. During concerts the courtyard and street outside resemble a backlot for a sci-fi flick. Not everyone who is seen at these gatherings is a creep or a survivor. Many just go to see the show and get caught up in the action.
—Slam Dancing In A Fast City, Penthouse Magazine 1982

So. Cal. punks, early 80s


So. Cal. punks, early 80s


The Beach Boys - Surfin’ Safari

From 1962…

"Let’s go surfin’ now
Everybody’s learning how
Come on and safari with me”

love those Pendleton shirts!

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The Beach Boys — In My Room

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Hermosa Beach has an average of 325 days of sunshine a year. Because of its location, nestled on a vast open bay (Santa Monica Bay), morning fog and haze is a common phenomenon in May, June and early July (caused by ocean temperature variations and currents). Locals have a particular terminology for this phenomenon: the “May Gray” and the “June Gloom”. Overcast skies are common for June mornings, but usually the strong sun burns the fog off by noon. Nonetheless, it will sometimes stay cloudy and cool all day during June, even as other parts of the Los Angeles area will enjoy sunny skies and warmer temperatures. At times, the sun shines east of PCH, while the beach area is overcast.

Comme des Garçons jacket insert logo vintage 86-87 collection 


Comme des Garçons jacket insert logo vintage 86-87 collection 

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